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Parker Ranch 1847 Beef

Hawai‘i Grass Fed Beef

Parker Ranch 1847 beef is hand selected by our paniolo for its tenderness, high marbling content, flavor, and overall quality.

Animal Care

With Parker Ranch 1847, there’s no wondering about the quality of your beef.  We follow Global Animal Partnership’s Step 4 of their Animal Welfare Certification Program. Step four pertains to pasture raised standards, created to promote best practices for animal care.  Cattle are on pasture for 75% of life and no feedlots; pastures are maintained with a min. of 50% vegetative cover; there are human timeframes for maturation protocols and have cattle limited transport time.

Born, Grass Fed, and Finished Locally

Parker Ranch 1847 cattle are locally born, grass fed, and finished on Hawaii Island. They’re raised using low-stress cattle management techniques and are free to graze on thousands of acres of natural, nutrient rich grasses (Kikuyu and Pangola) that are nourished only by the sun and life-giving rainfall.

They’re tracked from birth so you can appreciate the quality of beef from pasture-raised cattle knowing where they came from and what they were raised on.

175 Years of Ranching Experience

Paniolo have ridden the range at Parker Ranch since the 1800s.  If they know one thing, it’s cattle.  How to breed and raise them, and what sets certain cattle apart from the herd. Only five percent of Parker Ranch cattle are selected for the Parker Ranch 1847 label designation.

Superior Angus genetics, first-class cattle stewardship, and more than 175 years of ranching experience, heritage, and innovation make eating Parker Ranch 1847 beef a restaurant-quality experience you must try for yourself.

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